Revive Fitness invites you to church! Service is at Revive Church every Sunday at 11am. Revive Church service is located inside of Lutheran Northwest High School in Rochester Hills. We would love to see you there!






Revive Fitness class is a supportive environment for the community to come together to exercise and learn about health through a spirit, soul, and body approach. Our goal is to bring people closer to God, while exercising and having fun!

The Revive Kids’ class is modeled after the adults’ class! We do the same thing with kids in their class: exercise, talk about Jesus, and have fun!

We do not charge for our classes and are thankful to our generous donors for making them possible.

Interested in our classes? Read more about what goes on in Revive Fitness classes here! The type of workouts we do are full body, beginner level with modification options to decrease or increase difficulty.

Our program is made possible by partnerships with people like you! Are you interested in how you can help reach people for Christ? Well, we’ve found a way through health and fitness! Our classes combine physical exercise along with Bible-based spiritual discussion. By partnering with us, you can help people learn about health and get closer to God!

You can be a part of an inspiring culture that encompasses all aspects of wellness. Imagine a supportive community environment that integrates an approach to wellness, made possible by you! Through your partnership with us, we can bring communities together in fellowship, health, and encouragement with one another. 

None of this would be possible without generous people like you! Your contribution can make a big impact for the great commission! Donate today to help make communities closer and stronger… physically and spiritually!

Not Your Average Health Program

At Revive Fitness we deliver outstanding results across 3 key health pillars: Spiritual, Mental, and Physical.


God’s word provides the foundation for everything we do at Revive. We intimately discuss verses of the day.


Nourishing your soul is crucial for health. At Revive we help you with nutrition as well as mental health. Help is always available.


From developing a strength plan to weight loss plan and everything in between, we have you covered here at Revive! We create custom exercise plans to achieve your goals.

Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. At Revive we show you how to turn your anxiety about this new journey into excitement! Don’t let fear stop you from a potentially life-changing experience.

At Revive we teach you how to apply God’s word to your life. We don’t sugar-coat anything and we don’t take verses out of context. We keep our focus on the love, grace, and truth found in Jesus Christ and allow Him to guide the conversation. This is where you can finally allow yourself to connect deeply with others authentically and intentionally.

Revive Fitness is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Michigan.

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